Qureshi/Rojer Visit Cincinnati Children's Hospital


Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi, and Jean-Julien Rojer visited children and their families at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center during the Western & Southern Open. Both players played games and autographed t-shirts for the youngsters.

“Sometimes as tennis players it is easy to get caught up in your own world,” said Rojer. “However, this visit to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital puts everything in perspective. I was very impressed with the way the staff of the hospital does such a great job and with a lot of enthusiasm. I hope that our visit helped the children and their families.”

The visit was a highlight for the youngsters and parents, one of whom commented that she had not seen her child smile like that in weeks. 

“The visit to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital was a great reminder for me how we as professional tennis players can do to help brighten the lives of others who are going through difficult times - not only the children, but their parents,” said Qureshi.

“Both Juls and I talked about how the parents of the children seemed to appreciate our visit and how difficult it must be for them to see their children suffering. I love children and have two nephews, and it is not an easy thing to go to a hospital. But Juls and I know that it can make a small difference and help to put a smile on everyone’s face if only for a little while. My very best wishes to the staff at the hospital and the families who are in their care.”

Cincinnati Children’s is one of the premier pediatric hospitals in the nation, ranked in the top three by U.S. News & World Report.  As champions of a partnership between patient, family, and the medical team, Cincinnati Children’s emphasises the collaborative relationship between all involved in order to provide the best medical outcomes possible.

With over 1 million patient encounters in 2011, Cincinnati Children’s combines its roles as a teaching facility, research community, and patient care hospital to effectively care for children from around the world.

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